Maternity And Family Photos In The Wildflowers


One of my sweetest and dearest friends (Tara Winsor) took some family photos for us and I can’t be more grateful for her willingness to suffer the cold, rain, mad kids and everything in between for us. It’s so telling of a great photographer when there is no sign of trouble in the end result. I am beyond ecstatic to have these as a beautiful reminder of this big life transition and she captured it all so beautifully. I can’t wait to get these hung on my walls and I will forever treasure this stage of our lives.

Photos: Winsor Photography

Outfit Deets
Dress: ASOS
Shoes: Free People

Rustin’s Outfit:
Top: Brooks Brothers
Pants: Dockers

Gavo’s Outfit:
Top: H&M  (Similar)
Shoes: Gap (Similar)
Shorts: H&M (Old)

Eddie’s Outfit:
Top: Gap (No longer available, Similar)
Shorts: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Gap


***Just yesterday her beautiful little family finalized the adoption of their youngest boy after far too long! Please go and look at the cute shirts she and her family are designing and selling in the hopes of raising money to cover the adoption fees.  Made with love.***

T&H Apparel

Dressing The Bump: Lounge Wear


These last several days have been so busy. School, meeting with our house building team, and midwife appointments have completely taken over our lives right now. It doesn’t seem like life will be slowing down from now until baby’s arrival so I’m trying to find other ways to relax until then. I come home and immediately change into my chill clothes. I found this t-shirt at the Gap and it is honestly the most comfortable t-shirt I have ever worn and I wear it all the time. Finding the perfect tee is like hitting a home run, finding the perfect maternity tee is like hitting a home run with all the bases loaded in the last inning. Also, comfy joggers. I can’t tell you how many lounge/pj pants I have because I have a lot. I LOVE my pj pants. But these, are my all-time favorite! The best thing about them is that you can quickly throw on some pretty lipstick, cute shoes, a few accessories head out the door and you look put together. Or just stay comfy in some sneakers. :) Stay fabulous! Xoxo!

Tee: Gap
Joggers: Joe’s Jeans via Nordstrom Rack
Button down: American Eagle
Shoes: Converse via Nordstrom Rack
Watch: ASOS 

A Park Visit With Lily Jade


It’s the last week of summer break and my heart is broken. My baby will be gone to school all day and I just don’t know how I will cope. School hasn’t started yet, but I’m already missing him. I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy hormones or what, but I get so emotional whenever I think about it. In the mean time, we’re trying to spend as much time outside as a family as we can. I got my new diaper bag from Lily Jade so we took it for a spin at the park. I do love that it is completely hands-free and spacious. I love the color and style, and it even fits my ginormous water bottle so I’m thrilled about that. The side pockets are perfect for a quick phone grab even when it’s in backpack mode. I haven’t tried out the messenger bag mode yet, but I’m sure that’s coming here soon. I haven’t used it enough to give a proper review, but my feelings so far are quite positive. Every time I see it sitting on my table at home, I just swoon over it. It’s so pretty. I can’t wait to really dive in and use it. Have a good weekend! Xoxo!

Dress: Nordstrom
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: Lily Jade
Stroller: Orbit Baby

Eddie’s Outfit
Top: Zara
Bottoms: Gap

Dressing The Bump: Coffee Tee and Jeans


With school starting soon I’m trying to soak up as much of the summer as possible and trying to spend every minute I can with the boys. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside building grasshopper traps and making mud pits. With all the dirt that has been present lately, I’ve been dressing way down. I’ve really enjoyed getting more dolled up than usual during this pregnancy but sometimes a tee and jeans is just what I need. The great part is it’s so easy to dress it up for a quick dinner grab with some wedge or platform sandals and a cute bag. With these last few weeks to go, the name of the game will be comfortable clothes! Comfy can still be cute and I’m excited to share a few fun looks. I hope you have a great day, love!

Top: Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: A Pea In The Pod Maternity
Shoes: ASOS
Bag: Celine (Same style different color)

Eddie’s Outfit
Top: Mini Mioche
Bottoms: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Gap

Meet My Boys

my-boys-janey-jessen (17 of 22)

For the longest time Rus and I were really strict about our boys’ privacy online. We didn’t show their faces at all and we even went so far as to make sure our family photographers didn’t reveal too much of their faces or names. This past summer though, we decided to be a little more open about it. I felt so limited and because my life is all about my boys I felt my content was very censored and it boxed me in. Being able to finally show their smiles and expressions has really given me new life. So, let me go ahead and finally introduce my boys here on my blog where they will be making more and more appearances hopefully. We had about 10 minutes to take photos. Eddie wouldn’t have any of it and Gavo really doesn’t like to have his picture taken, so this is them in real life. :)


This is Gavo. He is 6. He is artistic, a brain roamer, and a homebody. He has creative juices that could overflow the Colorado River and a heart bigger than all of Texas. He is sensitive, compassionate, and introspective. He is a jokester, but only on his terms. He is good at reading and math and science. And he hates roasted carrots and small talk. He could live off of mashed potatoes and sit through an entire musical. He doesn’t like to ride his bike but he could play a board game all day if we had the time. He likes to create and draw and imagine. He hides his emotions and keeps his cards close. Dinner is his least favorite time of day and he HATES having his picture taken. He always seems to know when I’m having a bad day and cuddles me when I need it. He is my North Star, my guiding light and driving force to learn more and be better.


This is Eddie. We’ve nicknamed him “Cookie Monster” and “Pac Man” because he can out-eat anyone. He is 14 months old. He is Mona Lisa’s smile. My little miracle, my first rainbow baby. He has a laughter than can infect your soul and a temper that can shake the earth. He’s a wanderer and likes to do things his way. He would rather figure it out on his own than let me teach him. He is independent and a flight risk. He can throw and kick a ball better than any one-year-old I know. He likes books and emptying out the bathroom drawer. His favorite snack is pickles and he loves our kitty, Cleo. He loves to dance and make friends in grocery lines. He is fearless and smiles at the drop of a hat. He can talk my ear off all day and is better around big crowds. He is extroverted and athletic and impulsive. He is a breath of fresh air, and lights up our lives. He is the sunshine we desperately needed.


They are complete opposites and complete brothers. Gavo is my spirit animal and is so excited to meet his new baby brother, while Eddie is daddy’s boy and doesn’t like that my belly gets in his way of cuddle time. Alone they are a force to be reckoned with. Together they are a force to be reckoned with. These little people are going to change the world.

Gavo’s outfit:
Shirt: Gap (No longer available)
Shorts: Gap (Different color, similar style)
Sandals: Gap

Eddie’s outfit:
Shirt: Mini Mioche
Shorts: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Gap

Blanket: Frankbear Designs

Dressing The Bump: Bohemian Style


The bohemian style is probably one of my favorites right now. It goes so well with pregnancy with all the flowy dresses and tops, and it’s so easy to throw together an outfit. I’m in week 32 and I’m beginning to mourn the end. I’m so sad this pregnancy has gone by so fast so I’m trying to make these last few weeks last as long as I can by finding little quiet times through the day to just sit with this little baby and play with him. It’s hard to find the time sometimes but I know I would regret it if I didn’t make a huge effort to enjoy these last few weeks and document it all as much as I can. But anyways, about this look. I found these boots at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (I blogged about them in my Nordstrom sale post a few entries back) and I’m so glad I snatched them up when I did. I know these are going to be staple of mine come the Fall. I hope you all have a lovely day, xoxo!

Dress: Asos

Boots: Steve Madden via Nordstrom

Lip Color: Luxembourg via Nars 

Jewelry: Asos

Dressing The Bump: Spicing Up The Basics With Accessories



As I’m in the middle of the third trimester, I really just want to keep my outfits basic some days. But just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it has to be boring. I like adding a bit of spark by layering on accessories. They’re so fun to play with and it’s easy to add different styles together. I’ve been loving wearing tons of rings and layered necklaces lately. They have a way of just adding a bit of spark to even the most basic outfit. Midi rings have been my go-to to jazz up any outfit, especially on those days I feel like dressing down. I’m sure when the baby comes I’ll have to keep my accessories pretty simple, but for now the more the better. Xoxo!


Midi – Asos

Ring with chain – Asos

Circle ring – Asos

Necklace: Asos

Shades: Asos

Watch: Kate Spade

Diaper Bag Picks

I thought I would share a few of my top diaper bag picks today. As we’re getting closer to baby’s due date, it’s starting to hit me just how unprepared I feel for his arrival. For me, the diaper bag is one of the most important purchases. I currently have the Timi and Leslie Jessica bag and I’ve been a serious fan. I would recommend that brand to everyone. They’re light, durable, stylish, and practical. I wanted to try out a different brand this time around and these made my short list of absolute favorites. Obviously I’m way into the leather look right now and these were definite standouts.




1. Lily Jade – Elizabeth in Camel

Ok, so first off I love that it can be used in 3 ways – as a handbag, a messenger bag, and a backpack. With a baby and a toddler, the backpack option is really calling to me. I’m a throw it in type of bag user, so I also love that it has a detachable baby bag insert with lots of pockets that will keep me somewhat organized. It also comes with a changing pad. The big open front and back pockets are a total win for me, I’m not a huge fan of bags with tons of zippers on the outside. The two side pockets are perfect for sippy cups and quick grab snacks. Overall this one had super high marks! It looks a lot like the one I already have, but I’m way loving the baby bag insert and backpack option on this one… and the color. I’m digging the tan leather right now.

2. Vanchi – London Hipster

What I really liked about this bag is that it straddles the purse/diaper bag look perfectly. It’s casual, yet stylish. I like the 4 big outer pockets. It comes with stroller attachment, insulated bottle holder, food container, and dirty diaper pouch. It also has a neat detachable separator and is lined with nylon and pockets. It’s simple and chic.

3. Barneys Leather Diaper Bag

Ok… this one had my heart pumping a little bit. I LOVE the look of this bag! The color is perfect! It has 4 large side pockets and a front magnetic closure. I like that the shoulder straps are adjustable and the detachable messenger bag converter is also adjustable. It comes with a changing pad. The lining is your standard nylon. It’s a bit of a splurge and it doesn’t come with a whole lot of bells and whistles, but what it lacks it makes up for in beauty. I’m in love.

4. Lily Jade – Madeline

This one also has a cross-body and backpack converter. It has three large front and side pockets. I also really liked the cute little phone pocket on the front. This one also has the baby bag insert and a changing pad. Of all the other diaper bags, this one wasn’t on the top top but I felt it deserved and honorable mention. It’s stylish and practical, and honestly what more could a busy mom hope for?

5. Storksak – Elizabeth

I’ve had a Storksak in the past and I absolutely adored it! They are SUCH good diaper bags. So classy, chic, and practical. This one has two outer pockets and tons of pockets on the inside. I especially love how easy it was to clean the interior of these bags. It comes with an insulated bottle holder, a changing pad and a small little pouch. The inside is roomy and looks as if it can hold just about everything! You can purchase a stroller attachment separately. But mostly I loved the color of this bag. This light tan is just too good.

Those are my favorites right now. Did I miss any others that deserve mentioning? Thanks for following, loves! Have a good day!

Dressing The Bump: Red and Plaid


This post is all about making a statement. I love playing with pops of color and no color pops more than red. It goes so well with so many different color combinations it’s hard to go wrong. I paired it with my Burberry bag, which  honestly Burberry plaid goes well with just about anything! But I love the way it popped against the red. These lace-up sandals from Free People have been such a great add to my wardrobe and I wear them any chance I get. They are neutral enough to hid behind the scenes, but the lace-up factor is so cool that it draws your eye in immediately. I chose 3 pieces that can make a statement on their own, but can also compliment each other beautifully without competing. I hope this gives you some ideas with how to combine statement pieces! Xoxo.

Dress: Isabella Oliver via A Pea in the Pod Maternity

Shoes: Free People

Bag: Burberry (old)

Shades: David Yurman via Neiman Marcus

Dressing The Bump: Plaid Dress


I’ve been totally digging the baby doll dress vibe lately and this plaid dress is so comfy! Pregnant or not, I think it’s a very flattering silhouette. Paired with some lace up sandals, I think it gives it a little bit of an edge and keeps it from looking too ‘young’. It has a cute little cut out on the backside and I totally spaced getting a photo of that super cute detail. Don’t mind if you see these sandals in the next few posts, I’ve kinda been loving how versatile they are so I’ve been wearing them with everything lately. I’m so sad the summer is winding down. It feels like it just got started and I’m not ready to give up my time with Gavo before he starts school. He’ll be gone for most of the day and it really breaks my heart to face that. I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend with your loved ones.  Thank you for following me on this journey!  I love you all!

Dress: Asos
Sandals: Free People