Life In Little Squares

You know those days when you have a trek of a day evidenced by the sweat on your temples and the soreness in your muscles and your disbelieved hair, even though the landscape around you hasn’t changed? Not the baskets of laundry, nor the presence of food, no errands were run. But still. It’s been a full day and it’s not even over… Remember the sweat will dry, your muscles will loosen and your hair can be tucked. Breathe. (As I take a few good breaths in.)

Making Business and Family Work… For Me.

We were sitting across from each other at a restaurant one evening last year, I said something like, “I was thinking about hooking up with [big time essential oil company name] and creating [enter product description] for them, what do you think?”

Rustin shook his head mid Diet Coke sip and with big eyes said “Holy crap, Janey that’s a fantastic idea! But don’t sell it to them! Make it yourself!”

Frankly I was surprised he reacted so strongly. To me, it was just something I’d been making for myself for a long time. Afterward I told him I was sure nobody would buy this from me since I have no reputation of being a “hair product” guru, I needed someone big to back me. And he disagreed. Strongly.

I remember that night like it was yesterday. It was a warm summer night and the sky was full of stars, I stared at them on the ride home as I digested this idea to do it myself. I hadn’t thought of that before and, the honest truth, the idea didn’t sit well with me. I had legitimate, I felt, reasons of how and why I couldn’t make them and sell them on my own. My family dynamic was one of them which is why I wanted it off my plate, but I felt it could be something others might benefit from. I never, ever, ever wanted to be the mom that put anything ahead of her children or, at the very least, send the message that they weren’t #1. They are to always know that they are and always will be the priority in my life, in our life. We want to take them school together and attend every one of their practices together. It is so important to us to be present for all of those things because we will never get those moments back. I knew right off the bat that I couldn’t play the part I wanted to and run a business as well. Not by myself.

Which is why this has taken as long as it has. My family precedes all things, especially work. Being a mother and a wife is something that I take seriously and it humbles me to know that only I can play this role for them in my way. I wake up earlier than they do to fill in the tiny gaps or do some research and create. During the day, they have my full attention. It’s slow going but it’s ok. The other way of doing this wouldn’t fulfill me in the least. I delegate a lot to make this happen in the way I want. It’s so much better and easier than trying to do it all myself, not to say that I don’t feel overwhelmed sometimes or that I {like right now} feel like it will never, ever get out the door. I obviously do, but I couldn’t live with myself knowing that I set the most important people in my life aside for work.

Rustin finishes the things I can’t get to and is my contact person for our suppliers, which is a hefty load. I couldn’t do this alone and to have my husband by my side constantly pushing me forward is also very humbling. I have never felt more loved than when my very opinionated and straight-shooting husband felt my idea was so good that he got behind it so entirely with his whole being. I still can’t believe how lucky I am. And not to be all, look how great and wonderful we have it! Because, people, y’all know I’m the first one to say it’s not perfect all the time. It’s hard work. It takes work every day, in our marriage and in our work relationship. It’s the opposite of easy, but that’s what makes us thrive.

My own determination stems from the confidence Rustin has in me and a chance to see this through to the end. My definition of success is not to make a profit, it’s simply to attempt this. Try it. Do it. To see if we can see this through to the end of this phase. If we sell one bottle that would make this whole thing worth it for me and if it inspires just one person to chase after a dream of theirs, even better. I think about the message I want to send my kids and I make my life and business choices based on that. I don’t want them to do things only because of a false illusion of what success is. I want them to take things on with integrity and pride… and try. Attempt. Do. I want them to get behind something because they want to or they feel strongly that it may benefit just one person, not because they feel it will create a shortcut in their lives. I want them to really think about how they want their lives to be and make choices to get closer to that lifestyle, to design their lives and then create it. A perfect life doesn’t just fall on your lap, it takes vision and work. I needed to do this in a way that was sustainable for the business, yes, but more importantly for the lifestyle we wanted.

Sometimes I only get 10 minutes in the day to push this forward. But you know what? It gets pushed forward, little by little. And my kiddos never get shafted. That is the ultimate for me. Looking back to that day in the car, when I think about the uneasiness I felt about being able to provide a safe and loving environment for my kiddos, but also, hopefully, help one woman (or man!) be happy with their hair again, it seemed like too much to take on at once. I allowed my own mistrust for myself creep in. I didn’t trust myself well enough (back then) to approach this in a way that would not only fulfill my role as a mother and a wife but also possibly offer a new approach to healthy hair care and more importantly cultivate a place for my sisters to find support for, yes, growing out their hair. It’s a frustrating process. I. have. been. there. Obviously. This, to me, is more than hair care products. It’s a stepping stone. It’s a helping hand. It’s the culmination of the years I spent researching, and experimenting to find the right mix of ingredients in the way that is not only great for hair, but great for the skin… and even the soul. True story.

This is a super long way of saying, geez this has taken a long time… but it’s been totally worth it! I hope you don’t mind. Take care, friends. Play your note loud and beautifully today, only you can play it so let the world hear it.


Life In Little Squares

First homework assignment: Create a “Me” paper doll. This kid is so creative. Here he is cutting up some old clothes for his paper self. It will likely have blue yarn for hair just because and who knows what else. I’m excited to see how this will turn out. ☺️ #extraordinarylife

Starting Something Is Hard

You know what’s hard? Starting something. I’ve been “starting something” for like a year and (Not to be super vague or anything!) it’s almost passed this first phase of designing and tweaking, and hopefully very, very, very soon I will be in a place where I’m comfortable sharing a little bit more about this “something”, but my point is… starting something is hard.

I’m in the middle of this thing going, just SOMEONE get me to the next phase. Please. Since the baby came it’s been a putt here and a putt there, and to be honest I’ve had so many moments, especially in the last few months, where I’ve just been done and questioned if it’s even worth it. This middle phase where everything takes a little bit longer than you expect, deadlines come and go, and life sometimes just gets in the way, and you wish you could just move on to the next phase ALREADY! It’s way too easy to give up. WAY too easy. And honestly that’s the thing that’s kept me from just throwing my hands up and giving in, because I’m not in it for the easy.

And my friends, you shouldn’t be in it for the easy either. I know there are so many more of you out there. Like me, you are in the middle of a “something” with no finish line in sight, just ready to let the universe decide for you that “it wasn’t meant to be”. Well, let me tell you, it is. Whatever it is that you are in the middle of, I bow to you because it is NOT easy and you are amazing for even being brave enough to step forward and create something that you believe in despite the kids, and the carpools, and the naysayers, and the saturated market. You can do it. We can do it. So can we just lean on each other and support each other through this frustrating phase?

It is just a phase and while there may not appear to be an end in sight, there will be. There will be. So can we just putt a little bit harder until we make it there? We can totally do it. You can totally do it.

So… let’s.


Life In Little Squares

You’re heading in one, definite, unquestionable direction and your heart and soul says it’s wrong, so you retreat and follow that instead. Because your heart is never wrong. And your soul never lies. And you take comfort in believing in just that and suddenly the storm within your soul has passed. A comfy kitty and a good re-read is always the best way to celebrate. #CelebrateLife

How To Make Lipstick Last!

I like lipstick.  I like it a lot. I wear it all the time, usually in red; I get it from my mom she always wore red lipstick.   I feel put together when I’m wearing lipstick. I could actually just be at home doing laundry, but my lipstick helps me do it better.  ;)   Don’t you feel like you can conquer the world with bold lips?

So how do I keep it from getting all over the place with two little ones?  Well I won’t say that it doesn’t accidentally smear on their clothes sometimes or that the evidence of kisses on their heads doesn’t get on my cheek from time to time, but meh.  I’m a mom.  :)  I don’t have the magic answer to keep it perfectly in place all day, but I have a few tips to help it stay on a little bit longer.  I’m going to take you through my lipstick process.  It’s so simple and so easy.   :)

First set the ground work, exfoliate those lips!  It will keep your lips from cracking and therefore flaking off that beautiful color.   The color will instead go right on your lips instead of dead skin.  Boo.
If you have naturally dark lips, like me, brush your foundation over your lips.   It will make the color pop and be a proper rendering of the color profile.
Use concealer around your lips.  It will keep the lipstick from bleeding.  Bleeding lipstick makes me sad.
The most important rule… Know this, lipstick or makeup will not make you beautiful.  You already are.

That’s all!  Seriously easy right?

Next time shall I show you how to make that color more dynamic?  :D  Makeup is so fun!  OK, now go strut your sassy self over to the makeup counter and pick up a red or a bright pink lipstick!  Bold lips are no longer scary.  :)  Peace and love, my sisters.  Xoxo



Lip exfoliator:  Fresh – Sugar Lip Exfoliator & Lip Polish 
Concealer:   MUFE Camouflage Palette No. 2
Lip Pencil: Nars Satin Lip Pencil – Luxembourg

P.S. Excuse the unfocused points. That’s what happens when you only have 20 minutes to film! :D Go ugly early, right?

Life In Little Squares

This poor kiddo has had such a hard time with reflux (since birth the only time he would stop crying was during Feedings/sleeping). Now that we got him comfy we’ve been able to really enjoy summer outings & we’re not going to slow down until the snow smacks us in the face. We’ll be out enjoying what’s left of summer, will you? Let’s get out there & soak up some Vitamin D!

Sunshine Giveaway





Instagram pals, I am always so touched by your kind words and encouragement.  I LOVE seeing your life as it unfolds on Instagram – the imperfect, the raw, the beautiful.  Thank you.  Just thank you.  Your beautiful life inspires me and it fills me up every day.

Because you constantly brighten my day, I have a little sunshine to give back to you!  This sunshine necklace is made by Dogeared.  I love Dogeared because all of their pieces have meaning, you all know I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.  They’re tasteful, simple, and  graceful.  This Sunshine necklace is 16″, gold dipped, and handmade in the U.S.A.  It’s perfect for a friend who needs a little bit of cheering up or for yourself as a reminder to let your own light shine – because, as it says on the tag, the simple truth is a little sunshine goes a long way.  Could you use a little sunshine today, or do you know someone who deserves a little sunshine?


Here’s how to enter:

+Follow me on Instagram: @findmimi

+Share the post on Instagram with the hashtag #MimiSunshine (every post counts as an entry)

+Share the love and tag a friend on Instagram (each tag counts as an entry so tag lots of friends!)

+Come check out the giveaway on Instagram for more ways to enter. :)


The giveaway will end on July 28, 2014 and I will announce the winner on July 30, 2014. Have a bright and sunshiny day!  XOXO


(This giveaway is not sponsored by Dogeared. I personally paid for this necklace and am personally giving it to one of you.  :)  On that note, I wish I could give you all a little something because you’re all so wonderful and full of rainbows and all the things beautiful, but mostly because you deserve it for just being you and if you were standing right in front of me I’d probably just hand it to you. Now head on over to Instagram before I run-on all over your face again.)