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Because sunshine and a stroll. Also, leggings. Every girl should have that divine “Leggings Day”. At least once a week, yes.

Life In Little Squares

Last Spring I was about 7 months pregnant. Completely surrendered to the experience, I felt nothing but immense gratitude and love while accepting that history and experience said there was a chance we would not see this little boy home. Fast forward, he’s now been with us more time outside the womb than in and it feels like he’s been here forever. I count every sleepless night, uneaten meal, or ruined clothing as a huge reminder to continue to be grateful. Without it, it’s too easy to feel burdened or insufficient. I look worn, I smell bad, I haven’t lost my baby weight… And I couldn’t feel more thankful and more loved. ❤️

Postpartum Hair Regrowth 1

About 3 months after Baby Jr. was born I started losing my hair really bad. I knew I would have to face postpartum hair loss, but man, it doesn’t get any easier to deal with even the second time around. I was way more emotionally prepared to cope with it this time, but it’s so alarming while it’s happening.

Even though I knew it was just a phase, it does something to you. Seeing all of your hair in your hands, in the garbage, on the floor… it’s frightening.

Every day I would brush my hair and thick long chunks would just fluff off my head. In the shower I would feel it in a continuous stream running down my legs with sudden bursts every now and then, even out of the shower it would still just keep coming out as I brushed it. I could grab sections of my hair and it took nothing but a gentle tug to fall out of my head. I was bald in some areas, like for reals bald.  My hairline receded so bad and it would. not. stop. falling out.

It was so terrifying.  At one point I thought I was seriously sick.

Now, about two months since it peaked, I can finally see the new growth sprouting! It looks so funny because the new little hairs just spike right up and won’t lay down no matter what I do.  Smushing it down and layering on the hairspray and product WILL NOT keep it down!  The hair I had lost by my temples is finally mostly covered up. Slowly my hairline is growing back. I say slowly, but with G it took about a full year before my hair started to grow back.  It seriously took forever then, so I shouldn’t say the progress is slow this time around!  It’s not slow at all.

I’ve been using Grow It Girl. And ew. I’m grossing myself out by that obvious plug, but in all honest to honest honesty, it’s the only thing I’ve done differently and I can say (without making myself feel TOO gross) that I wish I had it after I had G and saved myself from so much heartache.  I can definitely tell that it has helped to slow down the shedding process. The first time I went through postpartum hair loss was so jarring, it was almost traumatizing.  I can’t even tell you how often I cried.  I, eventually, conceded and ended up chopping off my hair because my hair had thinned out so bad.   I’m not chopping off my hair this time.  NOPE.  Mostly out of stubbornnessssss.

postpartum post

This photo was taken on September 26, 2014. This was the best photo I could find during the time I had lost most of my hair. You can see how much my hairline receded and the how much hair I lost by my temples.



My hairline now. Where you can see my scalp is how much my hairline had receded.




New baby hair!  Just call me La Chupacabra!


It’s so nice to see the progress.  Cute little sprouts!

My mamas dealing with postpartum hair loss right now, I FEEL you.  If you need to chat with someone who understands shoot me an email!  Let’s break that barrier and walk through this together!

Much love to you.


Resolutions And Goals For 2015

Happy New Year!! I hope 2015 is treating you all well so far! The ending of 2014 was kinda, actually, extremely scary for us. Our boy took a fast sledding run outside my in-laws’ cabin New Year’s Eve and slammed into a pokey tree stump with his head. I have never been around so much blood in my life! We could not get it to stop. We had to snow mobile to our car, me with the car seat in the back on one and Rus with G on another while he held his head in place. My mom-brain, of course, imagined every horrible outcome on the 60+ mile trip to the NEAREST hospital (I also may have proposed police escorting, but my level-headed counterpart patted my cheek and shushed me.)  6! staples! later we were back on the road with a stable and energetic 6 year-old. Thank goodness little boys bounce back so quickly. We were so grateful that it wasn’t worse, or that he didn’t need surgery (<–mom brain) and we rang in the new year with just another thing to be grateful for.  So that was our last little adventure for 2014, we literally went out with a bang! Smh.

ANYWAYS!! Let’s talk resolutions!! :))))) I only have a handful. JUST A HANDFUL.  Because, hello!  A life of abundance!

So here are my personal goals/resolutions for this year:



1. To smell good again. Seriously. Look, I’m tired of smelling like spit up and dirty clothes. You’d be surprised how easy it is to let the baby smells (especially the unpleasant ones) permeate through every aspect of your life. As lucky as I am to have this problem (and I mean that sincerely), I’m eager to smell good again. Not just clean, but GOOD! I found these cool rollerballs  by Clean with names like Shower Fresh, Rain, Fresh Laundry, and (mmhmm) Skin. ‘Cuz if I ain’t done laundry, ain’t nobody gotta know about it.  So I be smelling like Fresh Laundry all day errday.  Bam.

2. Learn how to sew properly. I had such a blast semi-homemaking our Halloween costumes last year. I want to do it again and again and again, but with proper techniques under my belt next. I’ve already ordered several yards of assorted fabrics from (to make what exactly… meh, I have plenty of time to figure it out.) and for my Black Friday/Christmas/Birthday present I got me this cutie-patootie sewing machine. It has peonies! I love peonies.

3.  Plan Plan Plan.   At one point I was actually quite good at this.  I spent a little time every morning mapping out my day and week.  I found that not only did it make me live with intention, I was happier and had so much extra time on my hands to enjoy myself and my life.  I ordered my trusty 2015 Simplified Planner last year and I can’t wait to start scribbling all over it with my colorful pens and washi tape.  I got one last year and holy moly it changed my life, I can’t imagine life without one now.  I expected life after the baby came to go a little haywire and it has. For the most part I’ve enjoyed the madness, but I’m eager to get my life and family re-organized already! Thank goodness for people like Emily Ley to help schmucks like me!

Every minute that you spend planning your goals, your activities, and your time in advance saves ten minutes of work in the execution of those plans. Therefore, careful advance planning gives you a return of ten times, or 1,000 percent, on your investment of mental, emotional, and physical energy. – Brian Tracy 

4. Live with Urgency.  Because if I were given one year to live, I wouldn’t wait around to die.  I would go around and DO.  So…  I will live urgently (not meaning carelessly or hastily), but with deliberation and purposefulness. And planning.

5. Fill my spiritual love tank. Not necessarily just in the religious sense, but in all aspects. Just all around  feed my soul better and throughout each day.  Dive deeper into my meditation practice and find new ways to make my soul happier.

What are some of your resolutions? Tell me in the comments!  Do you have a good smelling body spray or any sewing tips you’d like to let me know? Please tell me!

Here’s to a 2015 filled with exciting new adventures, growth, and more love.  Always more love.  Be kind to yourself.  Be kind to others.

Peace and love.

One Week After Launch + Christmas Breaks

I honestly can not describe the whirl of emotions I have felt this week. After the launch of Grow It Girl, I had to take several steps back and pause to really appreciate the swirl that was happening around me. It was beautiful and glorious, and so much more than I could have hoped for. I am not allowed to ask for a single thing more in my lifetime.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for being a part of a lifelong dream of mine.

The last batch of orders are being shipped today and after tomorrow I will be taking a break to enjoy a short Christmas trip with my family. :) I will be back at it full force when I get back! So if you place an order in the next few days, just know that I am not ignoring you and yours will be the first to go out as soon as we’re back! :)

I am committed to making your experience in The Mimi Shop enjoyable and I’m already making changes that will make future purchases easier and more personable. :) Those new changes should be completed after the new year! I’m excited for you to see it!

Again, thank you all so much! The pics you’ve been sharing on Facebook and instagram are so fun to see! Keep them coming! Don’t forget to tag me and use #iheartmimi to share your pics of Grow It Girl in your homes!

I love each and every one of you! I hope you’re having a phenomenal day, you deserve nothing less.


Grow It Girl is here!

Launch day is here, hooray!!! I sorta can’t believe I’m typing this right now! This has been such an exciting week so far! Thank you all so much for the love, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you!

So what is Grow It Girl? Grow it Girl is an all natural leave-in treatment to encourage fast, healthy hair growth. It started as a homemade formula that I created in my kitchen a few years ago to make my hair grow faster and naturally. When the idea came to find a way to share it, it was important to me that I only used the best ingredients – meaning that the botanicals be cultivated in whatever region of the world that would guarantee their quality and that they be harvested responsibly. So not only are the ingredients 100% pure, but the process to get them to that state is also natural. There are no chemicals used in the distillation process of the essential oils, they are steam distilled and of the purest grade I could find that fit into my guidelines.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil (Wild Grown in Morocco), Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Cultivated in South Africa)

What makes the solution work isn’t a completely simple answer. All of the ingredients, individually and collectively, set the groundwork for a solid foundation for healthy hair growth and renewal. Now, when I say renewal I don’t mean that it will bring dead hair follicles back to life. I wish I had the magic sauce for receding hair lines and baldness, but unfortunately I don’t. :( With that said, I’m not claiming to have any kind of magic sauce at all! I can’t guarantee that this is YOUR solution (or guarantee the effectiveness of Grow It Girl for EVERYONE), or that you will have Rapunzel hair in a month, but I can certainly help you in the right direction! Keep in mind that everyone grows at their own pace, and other factors like genes, food, and your own hair care routine play a major role in your hair growth.

Here are a few more perks that hopefully you will notice when you use Grow It Girl:

+ Longer shedding process, meaning less hair fallout.
+ Less dandruff
+ Shinier hair
+ New growth
+ No dry, flaky scalp
+ FASTER hair growth, duh.

What it actually does:

+ Balances the PH of your scalp (Each bottle is quality checked to make sure the PH is at a 4.5-5.0. Of course, time and temperature may change the levels slightly.)
+ Gently lays down the cuticles
+ The anti-fungal properties ease itchy scalp
+ Restores hair strength
+ Regulates sebum production
+ Tones scalp
+ Stimulates follicles
+ Removes dead cells
+ Stimulates new cell growth

Grow It Girl can also be used as a mild astringent for your skin. But won’t it make hair grow on my face, you may ask? The simple answer is no. The hair follicles on our faces are much different than the ones on our heads, so no you won’t be turning into a sasquatch if you use it on your face! Again, because of the antibacterial properties this is a great mild astringent and should heal mild skin irritations. It will cleanse out the pores and dead cells from your face, and also nudge new cell growth.

I am way too excited to be finally be able to share Grow It Girl with all of you! I have been busting at the seams for a few years, and I just want to put it in your hands and let you try it! :)

If you’ve made it all the way through, thank you! If you’ve already ordered a bottle, I love you, thank you!! It should be on route to you as we speak! And if you’re thinking about it and have questions, just shoot me an email and let’s chat! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Much love and respect to all of you!

Janey aka Mimi

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