Dress The Bump: Date Night Outfit


Date night for us usually means renting a movie and hoping the baby stays asleep long enough to watch a good portion of it. It’s really bad when you honestly can’t remember the last time you had a proper date without any kids at all. So when the opportunity arose to have dinner AND a movie without both kids, we dropped them off in a hurry before anyone could change their minds and scuttled out the door. Isn’t it funny how quickly you forget what it’s like to sit through an entire meal together and talk with zero interruptions?

New Baby finally decided to pop out and say hi. I love this stage where the belly is popped out just enough to be a cute accessory. :)

Skirt: Caslon via Nordstrom 

Tee: Bobeau via Nordstrom Rack

Denim Shirt: Western button down via American Outfitters (Similar)

Shoes: Kavelli by Lucky Brand via Zappos

Bag: Balenciaga Giant in Vert Jade (Sold out) –> Same bag in different colors

Bracelet: Made with love by my little G-Man.

Dress The Bump: Ripped Jeans And A Blazer


Flowy tops are so my bff right now.  I am bigger than I was with the last pregnancy, so finding things that are comfortable and cute is a little bit of a challenge.  My boys love my ripped jeans.  They love poking their little fingers in the holes. I used this top in a previous outfit, it’s just way comfy and chic.  My almost one-year-old is teething like crazy right now and constantly chews on my shoulder leaving behind a little bit of “love”. On a normal day if we’re just hanging at home it doesn’t bother me, but on busy days like this one I will cover up that “love” with a blazer (who has time to change?) and voíla, the other karate moms never know what I have saved under there.  Add cute flats and a neutral tote, and done.


Jeans: Old via AE (Similar

Top: Old via Nordstrom Rack (Similar)

Flats:  Lucky Brand  –> Get the look under $20

Blazer:  Chic Wish

Bag:  Tory Burch Robinson Tote   (Similar)  –> Get the look under $60

Dress The Bump: Black And White Stripe Dress


I popped into A Pea And Their Pod for some leggings the other day and found this adorable dress by Rachel Zoe. I was originally going after a different dress of hers but walked out with this one when I tried it on and got the thumbs up from both boys. :) Red lipstick with black and white stripes is such a great combo. Grab a statement bag and shoes, and it’s a perfect shopping day outfit. Non-maternity related, black and white stripe shift dresses are so hot right now. I’m thinking I need one with short sleeves! :) Happy shopping!

Dress:  Rachel Zoe via A Pea In The Pod (the short sleeve version) –> Non-maternity short sleeve bargain version

Shoes:  Kavelli by Lucky Brand via Zappos –> Sale (similar) 

Bag:  Tory Burch Amanda Tote (old) –> Similar (also comes in coral and NAVY!)

Lips: Nars lip pencil Dragon Girl –> $6 Dupe (Nyx Bloody Mary)


Dress The Bump: Shorts And Kimono


I am determined to wear things that I feel good in and if I can also use them after pregnancy, bonus!  Extra bonus, if they’re stylish.  I feel like pregnancy is such a short phase and maternity clothes can get pretty spendy. Also though, honestly, maternity clothes have a tendency to look matronly and a little frumpy on me.   I found these adorable shorts with an elastic waistband that I’m sure I will be living in this summer (and possibly into next year, if I don’t wear them out). They are so cute and flowy, and they’re a good addition to my wardrobe pregnant or not.  I also love kimonos and cardigans! Long, short, sheer, with buttons… doesn’t matter. I’m usually sporting some kind of cover, I actually feel awkward without them now. With these type of shorts the kimono was a must and completed the outfit perfectly. The sheer kimono this summer is going to be my new best friend.

Kimono from Bobeau // Similar via Nordstrom Rack 

Top Old // Similar via Nordstrom Rack

Shorts by H.I.P. via Nordstrom Rack Save –> Charlotte Russe

Shoes by Vince Camuto   Save –>  Similar style on sale at Asos



Dress The Bump: Leggings and Sandals


“Breathing in.  I know I’m breathing in.
Breathing out.  I know I’m breathing out.”

When the baby is furiously teething and the kindergartner challenges everything, this mantra is the thing I hold on to like a buoy at sea.

On days like this looking cute is the last thing on my mind.  I’ve acquired quite the collection of sweaters this winter and I’m not quite ready to say goodbye just yet, they’re so comfy and forgiving (and with Utah weather being emo it still works).  Leggings are my go to for a quiet day at home and get the job done when a quick run to Walgreens is in order.  Paired with some cute sandals and it’s an instant winner.  Comfy and comfy.  Win.


Leggings:  A Pea In The Pod   (A little less on Amazon.)

Sweater:  Harlowe and Graham via Nordstrom Rack 

Sandals:  Sam Edelman –> Similar

Grow It Girl: Email Review

I still get a little shy about promoting Grow It Girl so much, but it comes with the territory (even if I never get used to it). I received this email the other day from one of Rustin’s colleagues that I felt was worth sharing.  So if you are on the fence about placing an order, maybe this story will sound familiar.  :)  

 Hi Janey!

Nice to e-meet you! Rustin passed along your email so I could send you a personal THANK YOU for creating such an awesome & natural hair product! I don’t have any babies causing postpartum hair loss, but I have had “baby fine” hair my whole life. Every hair dresser I go to always exclaims at how fine my hair is. My mom’s hair doesn’t grow past her shoulders and hasn’t in years, so as I began getting older I started to worry I might have the same problems. My grandmother (mom’s mom) also had thinning hair as she aged. The sides near my temples and a spot in the back where I always wake up with bedhead have already stopped growing the same length as the rest of my hair, and max out at about 5″. Not good!

In the past I’ve tried numerous keratin shampoos & serums, Nioxin shampoo/conditioner/leave-in mousse which smelled like peppermint chemicals and made my hair dry and the ends split like crazy. Lately I had been using a protective spray that made my hair soft but that was about it. I was at the point of going in the direction of rogain when I started seeing Grow It Girl on Rustin’s facebook and asked him about it while we were working together on the super bowl. He did an awesome job explaining the whole process from conception to distribution, and here we are! :)

I started using the spray about a month ago. I wash my hair every other day, so I’ve been using it 3-4 times/week. The first time I used it I let my hair air-dry to see how it reacted (I normally blow dry). I couldn’t believe how well it dried! All I do now is take a curling iron to it just to curl the ends and style my bangs. I haven’t used a blow dryer since I started using your product. This is a HUGE benefit for my hair. Not applying 5-7 minutes of heat to it has made it less frazzled-looking and I’ve already noticed less split ends. AND my hair NEVER held curl before, but now the ends are bouncy and fun! The next day after I’ve washed still looks fantastic and I don’t have to hid it away in a bun!

Also, I used to shed like crazy, which always baffled me… How could I possibly still have any hair on my head at the rate it would fall out?? The amount I shed has significantly decreased since using grow it girl.

It’s still just a liiiiiittle too early to see any new hair growth, also it’s a little difficult to spot at first since my hair is blonde. But based on the effects I’ve seen so far, I’m very confident! I just ordered my second bottle and have sent the website information to my fellow thin-haired friends, and my step sister who just had her second baby last fall.

Keep up the awesome work!!!

Isn’t her story inspirational?  I had to read it about 3 times because I was bawling about the third sentence in.  Thank you R, for allowing me to share your story and for taking the time to send this to me.  Lots of love, beautiful!

Now, head on over to The Mimi Shop and jump over the fence!  I promise to have confetti and a huge hug waiting for you.  :)

(Have a similar story?  Send it to me, please please please!  I’d love to hear it.  <3)


Dressing The Bump: Casual is L O V E





I’m totally in that awkward phase of pregnancy where my belly hasn’t quite popped yet.  I call it the I-ate-a-large-lunch phase (which may be true), but I look more bloated than pregnant at this point, which is why I’m totally digging the oversized tees right now.  It hides the bloat and goes with basically everything.  I know as the summer starts heating up I’ll probably be switching over into a snugger fit, but for now I still like my big wears.  Easy and comfy is so the name of the game right now, especially since I’m constantly running after a crawling baby and an energetic 6 year old. :)


Jeans: J Brand  (via Hautelook)

Tee: Similar fit 

Boots:  Lucky Brand (via Nordstrom Rack)

Jacket: Two by Vince Camuto (Same but different color via Nordstrom Rack)

Life In Little Squares

Our 100!! celebratory lunch was adjusted a bit when the babe decided to go The Hulk on us. So we brought it in and celebrated in a different way because the little things deserve recognition. Especially when it doesn’t feel like much of a celebration at the time. #CelebrateLife #INeedEarplugs

Here We Go Again!


Well it’s probably time to tell you that we are expecting another baby boy! It is the best kind of surprise! I am 16 weeks and he should be arriving in early October. G is over the moon about having another little baby and kisses the new baby goodnight every night. This pregnancy has been a breeze so far, I’ve had very little symptoms other than the the extreme pregnancy fatigue. I’m usually dead by 5 pm.

We are so excited! I’m already having so much fun shopping for my bump and can’t wait to dress it up for the summer. So here we go! :)



Sale was a hit!

The Mimi Shop’s first sale exploded! Thank you all so much for the love, you seriously rock! As I was packaging up your orders I kept looking around going, “Is this for real?” I’m just blown away and I really can’t thank you enough.

If you missed the sale, don’t worry we will be doing it again soon! Come follow me on instagram, I post Grow It Girl updates there.

I love each and every one of you. Thank you for telling your friends and family, thank you for the reposts, just thank you! Be sure to use –> #iheartmimi on ig when you receive your package and tell us about the product!

Cheers, friends! Have a beautiful day!