Grow It Girl is here!

Launch day is here, hooray!!! I sorta can’t believe I’m typing this right now! This has been such an exciting week so far! Thank you all so much for the love, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you!

So what is Grow It Girl? Grow it Girl is an all natural leave-in treatment to encourage fast, healthy hair growth. It started as a homemade formula that I created in my kitchen a few years ago to make my hair grow faster and naturally. When the idea came to find a way to share it, it was important to me that I only used the best ingredients – meaning that the botanicals be cultivated in whatever region of the world that would guarantee their quality and that they be harvested responsibly. So not only are the ingredients 100% pure, but the process to get them to that state is also natural. There are no chemicals used in the distillation process of the essential oils, they are steam distilled and of the purest grade I could find that fit into my guidelines.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil (Wild Grown in Morocco), Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil (Cultivated in South Africa)

What makes the solution work isn’t a completely simple answer. All of the ingredients, individually and collectively, set the groundwork for a solid foundation for healthy hair growth and renewal. Now, when I say renewal I don’t mean that it will bring dead hair follicles back to life. I wish I had the magic sauce for receding hair lines and baldness, but unfortunately I don’t. :( With that said, I’m not claiming to have any kind of magic sauce at all! I can’t guarantee that this is YOUR solution (or guarantee the effectiveness of Grow It Girl for EVERYONE), or that you will have Rapunzel hair in a month, but I can certainly help you in the right direction! Keep in mind that everyone grows at their own pace, and other factors like genes, food, and your own hair care routine play a major role in your hair growth.

Here are a few more perks that hopefully you will notice when you use Grow It Girl:

+ Longer shedding process, meaning less hair fallout.
+ Less dandruff
+ Shinier hair
+ New growth
+ No dry, flaky scalp
+ FASTER hair growth, duh.

What it actually does:

+ Balances the PH of your scalp (Each bottle is quality checked to make sure the PH is at a 4.5-5.0. Of course, time and temperature may change the levels slightly.)
+ Gently lays down the cuticles
+ The anti-fungal properties ease itchy scalp
+ Restores hair strength
+ Regulates sebum production
+ Tones scalp
+ Stimulates follicles
+ Removes dead cells
+ Stimulates new cell growth

Grow It Girl can also be used as a mild astringent for your skin. But won’t it make hair grow on my face, you may ask? The simple answer is no. The hair follicles on our faces are much different than the ones on our heads, so no you won’t be turning into a sasquatch if you use it on your face! Again, because of the antibacterial properties this is a great mild astringent and should heal mild skin irritations. It will cleanse out the pores and dead cells from your face, and also nudge new cell growth.

I am way too excited to be finally be able to share Grow It Girl with all of you! I have been busting at the seams for a few years, and I just want to put it in your hands and let you try it! :)

If you’ve made it all the way through, thank you! If you’ve already ordered a bottle, I love you, thank you!! It should be on route to you as we speak! And if you’re thinking about it and have questions, just shoot me an email and let’s chat! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Much love and respect to all of you!

Janey aka Mimi

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Grow It Girl Update – It’s In Print.

For those interested in Grow It Girl, here is a little update. If in the past you’ve asked me, “So what state is it in?”, and you’ve heard me say “It’s in print” multiple times, this is for you. :)

Thank you so much for asking, for being interested, for being thoughtful enough to ask about it. It’s been on my mind constantly and I so appreciate you for having a second to ask about it, thank you. Now go… be beautiful, be you. XOXO!

My Full Makeup Routine + A Little Update

Our family photos went off without a hitch. We went up to Silver Lake in Big Cottonwood Canyon and it was so beautiful! I can’t believe we’ve been here for 7 years and we’d never been up there before now. I did manage to settle on an outfit, btw. Funny, Rus and I totally matched! Talk about weird coincidence seeing as though as I was all, “No matching outfits!”. Guess we’re just soul mates. ;)

Before you barf all over the screen, and for those that are interested in makeup, I recorded a quick video the day of the shoot of my full makeup routine. This isn’t a routine I do every day, I’d look totally crazy picking the boy from school, but it is my most favorite kind of makeup sessions since I get to go all out! :) If you’d be inclined, have a looksy. If it’s not your thing, thanks for stopping by anyway!

Have a good day!!! Xoxo.

Stress Free Family Photos

We’ve been very lucky this year to have had 2 family sessions taken by 2 equally talented photographers. Tonight we will have number 3! I may be the odd one here, but I LOVE having photos taken of us. This one in particular has been the most stress-free to prep for. Hopefully I’m not shooting myself in the foot when I say, I don’t even have an outfit picked out yet… and I’m totally ok with that! True story. Here’s why:

In my own experience, trying to coordinate outfits has been a pain in the arse. So, we’re not coordinating this time. The boys are wearing outfits that I picked out based on their personalities and, frankly, what I want them to wear. G hates, hates, hates button down shirts… but look! A bow tie and a jacket to go over it, and poof! The buttons disappear and suddenly he can’t wait to wear his bow tie. Know your kids, if the button down is non-negotiable (like in my case) spruce it up with fun shoes or cool accessories.

A little secret, photographers hate matchy matchy outfits. Maybe I took it a little too far, I should explain, we aren’t coordinating on COLORS. No, plum and mustard, or jeans and burnt orange… because what looks good on me doesn’t look good on Rus, and up and down and all around. So, just like the boys, we’ve chosen outfits that look good for each of us. Again, hopefully I’m not regretting this decision tonight when I pull all of our pieces together and it looks straight up awful, but truthfully, even if it did I wouldn’t worry about it. Having photos taken is about capturing a time in our lives. Not the clothing. If you focus on the clothing before the shoot you will focus on the clothing after the shoot when the photos are on the wall. As much as I’d love to have a magazine spread, we’re not models. Capturing us simply as we are now, is much more valuable to me than stressing over clothing. This is our first set of family photos since the hospital photos and I’d rather have a good time in front of the camera than worrying about what we look like and keeping it all clean. Secretly, I was kinda hoping for rain. :)

On that note, I’m not too worried about getting an “everyone looking and smiling photo”, I’ve kinda always felt this way. Capturing beautiful moments and interactions are more important to me than everyone facing front in a weird pose and smiling. Frankly, G would scowl even more if he was forced to sit still and smile, he already hates having his picture taken with my camera phone. So, nope. That’s not a battle I’m taking on. Plus, I already know what we look like and I’d rather frame photos that make me FEEL happy or make me giggle. In the Spring, Haley gave one to us of G straight up scowling… I’m having that picture framed. I LOVE it, it makes me laugh every time I see it. It makes me feel happy. On the flip side, photographers stress over the everyone facing front and getting everyone to smile. Swapping heads takes so much time. Wanna make your photographer love you and beg to photograph your family again? Tell them to just capture candids and moments. :)

Rustin shopped on his own. What what?? Yep. He is grown and can handle it. On my end, one less thing to worry about.

I’m getting ready super early, no rushing before we leave (fingers crossed). No angry screaming kids (fingers crossed). No arguing (fingers crossed). Just lots of deep breathing and focusing on what matters most.

I think I covered it. If you’re having family photos taken this Fall focus on what’s most important to you and let the rest fall away. I can almost guarantee that when you look at the final product on your wall you won’t be wishing you’d had gone with the rider boots over the booties. It ain’t that serious. :)

Haley Nord Photography-Janey Family (32)

Shine on, beautiful people. Xoxo


Photography by Haley Nord

Style In Little Squares

Because sometimes you literally have to add a little sparkle to your day. ✨✨ #MAC Coil electric eyeshadow #MAC Gold Deposit highlighter ✨✨

Style In Little Squares

Something different, a black and purple dramatic eye using @anastasiabeverlyhills #amrezypalette. Wore this for a night at the circus. ☺️ Eyebrows: @anastasiabeverlyhills
Eyeshadow: Iridescent purple on lid, Deep Plum and Lbd in crease , Lbd outer corner, Lbd and Iridescent Purple on the lower lash line and Vanilla on the brow bone.

Life In Little Squares

I hope in this moment a tiny seed was planted. I hope he was inspired. I hope he never forgets that magic is real. I hope he learns that nothing is more important than following his dreams. I hope… I hope that somewhere deep inside a spark has sparked… and I hope it never blows out.