About Spring + photos

Don’t you just love Spring? I do. What do you love about it (if you do)?

Maybe it’s cultivating the areas of your yard that seem to kill off everything you attempt to plant in that given area by completely replacing the soil and planting a shizload of delicious and healthiful fruits. *Fingers Crossed* Please don’t die.


Maybe it’s the greeting you receive from an old friend.

Two Lips

And admire its cousin, who idly stands by ready for the same admiration. You beautiful thing, you.

Yes more!

Or perhaps it’s seeing it all from a different angle and being reminded to look up every once in a while.

I look up to green things

And I can’t forget how much fun it is to see plants you’ve never before grown, germinate and sprout. I dream of what a yummy tasting summer it will be with these beauties growing in our own backyard, thanks to my little one who wanted to grow corn this summer. I know, CORN!


Also, watermelon. I’m officially turning in my black thumb for a green one! w00t! (also w00ting just totally dated me, but I don’ts caresszzzz.)


Finding new friends in your own backyard…


…and daydreaming every night with the same little one about whether our new friend has turned into a butterfly yet. And where? And how? And what does he eat? And why are all caterpillars boys and butterflies girls?

Friendly fella.

But maybe, it’s celebrating an anniversary a tad different this year.


But a little more on that later. But look! That five-point star right in the middle of the flower sealed the deal, for this Cherry Blossom beauty.

We’ve got our gardens in full bloom right now, and it all smells divine. My little one and I take daily strolls around our neighborhood and I constantly stop at every flowering bush, tree, and garden to smell those delicious flowers. Winter’s over folks! If you’re on instagram find me: @findmimi, and post some Spring-y photos and tag me! Use the hashtag #mimilovesspring so that we can all share and maybe find new friends along the way. :)

Cheer, friends! Happy Spring! (Almost summer! Eeep!)


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