I’m a simple girl.

I believe in the power of yes.
I believe that a nice warm cup of tea and a good friend can heal most things.
I believe that listening is a powerful gesture.
I believe that the world could use compassion and kindness.
I believe that there is always room for more.
I believe in jumping in with both feet and opening yourself up to all possibilities.
I believe your next best friend could be standing in line next to you at the grocery store.
I believe that beginning your day with a big dose of gratitude will affect everyone around you.
I believe that grace is a beautiful gift to give to someone.

Hello, welcome to my little slice of the internet. I’m so happy to see you! This is where I tell you what my blog is all about; where I tell you that I sometimes write about emotional stuffs, or that I sometimes just post pictures, or that I mostly just write about life with my boys. I live in Utah. I’m married to a cool guy. I have two boys and one on the way. I like fashion and style. I’m a beauty product junkie, but I believe true beauty begins in the soul. And I LOVE lipsticks of all color but mostly red. And while all that is well and good, my ultimate hope for this blog can be summed up with one word:


A word that can’t be clearly defined because it is a sentiment, a philosophy, an act of community. One of togetherness, of humanness, of connectivity. I am, because we are. My sincere hope is to share and celebrate real life together; the imperfect, the beautiful, and the in-between. Your joy is my joy, your heartbreak is my heartbreak, what I have is yours to have. Let’s be friends.

Live openly, love graciously, and laugh loudly.




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(Photos taken by the fabulous Tara Winsor from Winsor Photography)