I’ve been Mimi all my life, thanks to my grandmother. I started findmimi.com several years ago to serve as a window into the goings-on of my daily life for my family, to well, find me. (Get it, find Mimi?) findMiMi has taken on a new life now that I’ve grown a new appendage, otherwise known as my camera. I’ve found the true Mimi through photography.

My real name is Janey. You can call me Janey, but if you feel like calling me Mimi I could be liable to hug you. A lot. You’ve been warned.


  • California sunsets
  • Sushi
  • Keeping It Real!
  • Bette Davis
  • Fall mornings
  • Eddie Izzard
  • Coke, in a glass bottle
  • Texts and Emails!
  • Shoes… they can make or break the outfit, think about it!
  • The Internet
  • Really old architecture
  • Iced Vanilla Chai Lattes
  • Eye contact
  • You, for getting through that thing!


  • Really bad commercials
  • Sleeping sockless
  • Bad hair days
  • Paper cuts
  • Talking on the phone

I like to take pictures of people, for people. And whatever else pops in front of my lens.

I’ve lived most of my life in Southern California and relocated to Northern Utah a couple of years ago.  I have a dog, two cats, a small boy, and I’m married to my best friend.  We make and break stuff together. My blog documents my journey into the photography world. The vulnerability, the joy… I leave it on the blog page! Come along for the journey!

If you have any questions, want to contact me about booking a session, are wondering what in the world I’m rambling about, or just want to say hi, shoot me an email! I love emails, and I’d love to hear from you!

janey@findmimi.com or you can find me on Twitter.