Birthdays + lists

We stood in the kitchen as I pitched my new idea. Things like Skydiving, partying in Mardi Gras and traveling to the other end of the Continent rattled out of my mouth before I had time to stop them. Then he reminded me that I was British and I should scale it down a bit (any Eddie Izzard fans out there?). Sadly, he was right. Even my wildest dreams were a little too wild for us.

Today is my Birthday, yay! As I was sitting around thinking about what exactly being 29 meant, I imagined a girl swan-diving off the edge of a cliff arms wide open. I decided that 29 meant rearing up and galloping into my 30’s full speed.

So, I present… my 30 before 30 list.

*Read 10 books (Originally it was 30, but again… I’m British remember) (Read: 15.)
*Meet 30 people
*Try 30 new foods (I got 18. Close enough.)
*Trip to California (4/13/12)
*Go on a hot air balloon ride
*Road trip with friends (2/19-22/12)
*See the Grand Canyon (4/13)
*Submit a photo to a photo contest
*Go to Lavender Days
*Go to the Tulip Festival
*Cook live crab
*Take G to Disneyland (4/15/12)
*Go whale watching
*Reach goal weight (3/1/12)
*Get out of my PJ’s for 30 days
*Take a cooking class
*Take a dance class
*Go dancing with Rus
*Do 30 nice things for Rus
*Throw a dinner party
*Sew an item of clothing and wear it.
*Visit my Grandmother’s grave (4/18/12)
*Eat a Pink’s hot dog (4/25/12)
*Attend a concert
*Grow an herb/vegetable garden
*Go wine tasting
*Crochet/knit a blanket
*Take a self-defense class
*Volunteer at a homeless shelter
*Design something

And because my husband is a team player, he got me this fancy little notebook to keep my accomplishments in. :D

Given that I only have 366 days to make it all happen, I decided that maybe going to Rome and/or seeing the Pyramids would have to wait… maybe a 31 before 31?

Me: “Don’t you just love my lists?!”
Him: “SO much.”

Yea, he’s a keeper. ;)

Updated: January 5, 2013

Had it not been for this list I wouldn’t have done or tried as many things as I did. I would encourage anyone to try this, at least for one year. I learned quite a bit about myself, who knows, you might too! :)


  1. Crystal Radcliffe says

    You’ve inspired me to do the same! Eek! I’m turning 29 in a few days as well… need to start writing now :)

  2. Amber says

    I love your list and I love that Rustin bought you a notebook to keep in in. :) Maybe “Visit Amber in Boston” should be on your next list!

  3. says

    :D As soon as we make it to the East Side you’re on my “must see” list. Off-topic, you and Riley are too cute and I can’t handle it.

  4. Amber says

    Yay! I hope you make it to the East Side soon. :) And you’re far too sweet! I feel the same about you & Rustin. You obviously love each other a lot. I remember when Rustin started dating you – he told me that I’d really like you & he was totally right!!!


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