Happy pre-Thanksgiving!!

November 21st, 2012

Happy pre-Thanksgiving! As Rustin does a bit of prepping for tomorrow, I thought I’d take a break and pop open my old friend here. I read something recently that spoke to me and I thought I would share, it was from a book I recently read entitled “The Woman who Could Not Forget”, by Ying-Ying Chang.

It said, “Life would vanish one day but books and words would be left behind just like the masterpieces of literature I am reading. Words are eternal.” – Iris Chang

I’ve let this little online journal of mine (if I can call it that) just sort of sit because I don’t feel I have a whole lot of anything to contribute lately. But if this quote is true, I am just wasting precious real estate. Not that I think I have any sort of masterpiece here! What started as a way to build a community, a network of like-minded folk, I’m realizing, has as a side-note documented a part of my life and my thoughts that one day when I’m gone will serve as a window into… well, me. For that, I’m grateful. I never intended for this to turn into something deeper than mere musings of a person who may take themselves a bit too seriously SOMETIMES. And I guess primarily it is just that, but the day will come when it just may become precious to someone else. And that weirds me out a little bit. What about you fellow bloggers, have you given that much thought?

In any case, I was only popping on for a bit to share our Thanksgiving Menu for tomorrow because I’m really excited to just eat delicious noms and it’s all I can do because I can’t stop thinking about it! Yay, run-on sentences!

+Shrimp Cocktail
+Assorted Olives (black and Kalmatas and Calabrese)
+Wings (yes, wings)
+Crab Dip
+Cheese Ball

Main Course: (Why go through a first or second course, let’s get to it!)
+Citrus and Herbs Turkey
+Mashed Potatoes (duh)
+Green Bean Casserole
+Agave and Herbs Roasted Sweet Potatoes
+Bacon and Pine Nuts Stuffing
+Potato Rolls
+Pear Sparkling Cider
(Have you noticed no gravy??)

+Pumpkin Pie (for the Rustin)
+Bread Pudding made with Challah (for the me)

What are you all having for dinner tomorrow? What are some of your must-have’s on your menu?

I seriously love Thanksgiving so much, it’s one of my favorite Holidays. Like ever. I hope this year that this Holiday finds you well, and if you’re feeling a little lack-luster about life lately take a second glance at last year’s post. It helped me a bit: Just enjoy the moment.

Take care, beautiful people. Whatever you do tomorrow, I hope you are happy. Seriously.


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