Happy Birthday to me + 30 Before 30 revisited

As we sat in the car driving to a destination unimportant in the telling of this story, it struck me, a moment of sheer magnificence, “We’re doing a couples goals list this year!” Why didn’t I think of this sooner? It’s bloody brilliant, I thought to myself, smiling on the inside for being so clever. I could see the shiny “Best Couple Ever” trophy sitting on our mantel now. It was beautiful. And then I saw his face. No, THE face. The one that said, Why can’t I have a normal wife? And then a softening of the eyes occurred as I hurriedly tried to recover, “No… it’ll be a silly/funny list. One that includes stuff like toilet-papering someone’s house or getting arrested… although that one’s not really funny at the moment, but it’ll be a funny story to tell later!”

“You want to get arrested?”

“Only with you, and only if it makes you laugh!”

He conceded.

And that is how my bloody brilliant idea of having a Couples Goals List was born. He happily warmed up to the idea when I promised he wouldn’t have to take dancing classes with me. :) Oh, and if you get toilet-papered this year… it was totally not us, but don’t call the cops because getting arrested didn’t actually make it on the list! Please and thank you.

Speaking of lists…

Last year I made a list called my 30 Before 30 List (recently updated with the things that I accomplished). I didn’t do very well at all, it sorta fell off the priority list, sadly, so I’m calling a re-do because I’m so sure I can do better! I quite enjoyed accomplishing the goals that I did meet and tracking it was extra fun. So much so, that I think I may do one for every birthday. I’m calling this one my 30 FOR 30 List. See, totally different. Some items which didn’t get crossed off I recycled, others I adjusted to a more realistic goal {Like my reading goal, really? 30 books! Sheesh.} and most are totally brand new. I have until my next birthday to complete the items on the list. :)

Ready? This year I am going to:

*Read 16 books
*Try 30 new foods
*Meet 30 people
*Take family photos for each season/big holiday
*Plant a vegetable garden and keep it alive. All season.
*Take a themed photo once a month (I am going to need some volunteers for this one… )
*Attend Lavender Days
*Attend the Tulip Festival
*Visit the Spiral Jetty (Road trip, anyone?)
*Go on a hot air balloon ride
*Swim with dolphins
*Host a dinner party
*Completely decorate the dining room
*Order and hang at least one large canvas print
*Date with my boy once a month
*Take Yoga for a month; at least once a week
*Have a penpal
*Volunteer at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen (family)
*Create a new jam
*Enter said jam in the county fair (And get the blue ribbon!!!)
*Visit The National Holocaust Memorial Museum
*Run a 5k in 27:00
*Print and frame more photos; especially of me and Rustin.
*Face a fear
*Carry Li’l Squish in my purse at all times (Don’t worry, Li’l Squish is not a pet. It’s also nothing gutter-worthy you dirty-minded people!)
*Take more video
*Journal twice/week
*Finish knitting Rustin’s sweater
*Discover a new talent
*Attend a concert

Oh, and for my birthday this year… this!

Happy Birthday to meeeee!

Aren’t my boys the best!?!?!


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