Happy pre-Thanksgiving!!

Happy pre-Thanksgiving! As Rustin does a bit of prepping for tomorrow, I thought I’d take a break and pop open my old friend here. I read something recently that spoke to me and I thought I would share, it was from a book I recently read entitled “The Woman who Could Not Forget”, by Ying-Ying Chang.

It said, “Life would vanish one day but books and words would be left behind just like the masterpieces of literature I am reading. Words are eternal.” – Iris Chang

I’ve let this little online journal of mine (if I can call it that) just sort of sit because I don’t feel I have a whole lot of anything to contribute lately. But if this quote is true, I am just wasting precious real estate. Not that I think I have any sort of masterpiece here! What started as a way to build a community, a network of like-minded folk, I’m realizing, has as a side-note documented a part of my life and my thoughts that one day when I’m gone will serve as a window into… well, me. For that, I’m grateful. I never intended for this to turn into something deeper than mere musings of a person who may take themselves a bit too seriously SOMETIMES. And I guess primarily it is just that, but the day will come when it just may become precious to someone else. And that weirds me out a little bit. What about you fellow bloggers, have you given that much thought?

In any case, I was only popping on for a bit to share our Thanksgiving Menu for tomorrow because I’m really excited to just eat delicious noms and it’s all I can do because I can’t stop thinking about it! Yay, run-on sentences!

+Shrimp Cocktail
+Assorted Olives (black and Kalmatas and Calabrese)
+Wings (yes, wings)
+Crab Dip
+Cheese Ball

Main Course: (Why go through a first or second course, let’s get to it!)
+Citrus and Herbs Turkey
+Mashed Potatoes (duh)
+Green Bean Casserole
+Agave and Herbs Roasted Sweet Potatoes
+Bacon and Pine Nuts Stuffing
+Potato Rolls
+Pear Sparkling Cider
(Have you noticed no gravy??)

+Pumpkin Pie (for the Rustin)
+Bread Pudding made with Challah (for the me)

What are you all having for dinner tomorrow? What are some of your must-have’s on your menu?

I seriously love Thanksgiving so much, it’s one of my favorite Holidays. Like ever. I hope this year that this Holiday finds you well, and if you’re feeling a little lack-luster about life lately take a second glance at last year’s post. It helped me a bit: Just enjoy the moment.

Take care, beautiful people. Whatever you do tomorrow, I hope you are happy. Seriously.



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    Dear sweet Janey :) (Was that too much from someone you’ve only met once for 30 seconds? :| ) Anyways…. I have thought the very same things that is one of the things I have missed doing my 365 challenge. For one whole year every day was documented and it is invaluable to me. The good the bad and the blah will all have meaning someday. I don’t know if you know my Mom died many years ago and some of the neatest things to read are what she would have thought to be boring and mundane. Those turn out to be what shapes our lives.

    Sorry about the novella. You touched on a thing for me.

    Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for sharing your life with us.

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