Like a rainbow in a storm

Sometimes I feel really lonely, even though I have a little one with me 24/7. He’s good company, but you know. Especially right now during SuperBowl Season. It’s a stressful time for us. Those mid-day phone calls or texts that Rustin and I would normally exchange diminish, not significantly but enough to notice. We’ve been doing this long enough to know that we only have about a month left and it will be over… until the next time. It’s not something I can fully explain, but I feel a different kind of pressure than Rustin. I may not be on the payroll, but we’re all affected nonetheless.

So anyway, I’ve been feeling a yearning for a bit of a connection lately. Not necessarily because of SuperBowl but I can’t say for certain that the pressure isn’t somewhat responsible. I sent out about a handful of texts last week for a chance to spend time with anyone and as luck would have it everyone was sick/couldn’t hang for a bit. I even sent out a cattle call tweet for a new shopping buddy {yep I did!}, but I got no bites. It was mostly a silly tweet, but I can’t say for certain that I wouldn’t have taken anyone up on their offer. I’ve met some fun people that way.

On a short trip to the store I got a random nice text from a long-distance friend: “Thankful for you today.” And right there in the middle of the store I burst into tears. It was like I was sending out my sad vibes through the airwaves and she got it loud and clear. I haven’t felt a deep need to see her than in that moment. We texted for a bit and I lamented, but I needed some face time in a way texts just couldn’t fulfill.

A funny thing did happen a few days later though. Last Friday I sent another text to a different friend. Our convo went something like this:

Good morning! What are your plans for today?

Good morning! Not sure yet!

Does H have school today?

Yea. But I may keep him home.

Everything ok?


Oh good! Wanna get the boys together then? :D That’s an excuse I just want to see you. :)

Yes!! We were thinking of coming up that way!

Oh really? We were thinking of driving down your way! It’s destiny!

LOL! It’s true! I’m good either way!

And that’s how fate decided to intervene when I was really needing one. The boys played while we talked and talked and… yea, we talked a lot. We just happened to be needing the same thing right — some QT and a good laugh.

There are few things in this world that can mend most anything by just showing up; a friend is one of them. They have supreme super powers that are unparalleled to chicken soup and all ice-cream flavors. They can heal broken hearts, let you have complete freedom to be who you are, and have a dance party with you all in one sitting. And the best part? They laugh at all your dumb jokes.

Technology is great. It really is. It has let me maintain my long-distance relationships and helped me acquire new ones that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. But sometimes that simple knock on the door or phone call makes a world of difference.

And just to show you I’m not at all against technology, I think you should send text to a friend right now. Who knows? You might just make them shed happy tears. :)

I really miss writing. Cheers, friends!


  1. Amber says

    You should probably just come and visit Boston since I always seem to get sick when I come home. I’m always up for a good chat and some shopping! Of course, chocolate would be involved as well.

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