Living With Intention + A Little Rambling

For the last few years I’ve made a list of goals on my birthday, usually about 30 items long, to accomplish before the next birthday. A birthday bucket list so to speak.   I’m doing something different this year, and so not on my birthday since that’s long gone, whoops! This year I have only two items on my list:  To be happier and to live with intention.

Lately I’ve found myself dealing with complacency. Don’t get me wrong, I have a good life; I exercise regularly, I have a healthy relationship with food, my marriage is good, family life is good, there isn’t a thing in this world that I’m lacking or need more of. I am very happy overall with life. But one day it struck me, I felt like my days were escaping me and I had to stop and ask myself, am I ok with this? And the answer was no. What’s wrong with being just happy, you may ask?  Well, nothing, there isn’t a single thing wrong with it.  In fact most people struggle with finding happiness in their lives, I mean I did too.  Remember me, the depressive freak?  Not to sound like a spoiled brat, but I’m not satisfied with being “just happy” anymore.  

Just happy.  

Yes, I just said that.

I can hear the eye rolls. I mean, why change a thing if I’m already happy? I get it, I had a hard time wrapping my head around it too. It’s like this…

I’m not talking about finding happiness. I’m not even talking about accepting oneself or the things one does. Don’t get me wrong these things are important, but what I’m talking about is living at the peak of happiness daily. I’m talking about being excited about tomorrow when we go to bed and waking up every morning eager and excited to start the day. I’m talking about feeling thrilled with everything as it is. I’m talking about sharing joy with strangers and giving back to the community. I’m talking about dancing in the rain and laughing LOUDLY and often. I’m talking about being passionate about relationships and the things we do day to day. Having a passion for the average and for the extraordinary, and feeling immense gratitude for everything else. And living it out loud. Because why not?

I’ve always had this dream to travel to Africa or India to get my hands dirty and do some humanitarian work. When? When will I have the chance to do that, as if I’m just waiting for that opportunity to just fall in my lap? Never, if I don’t do something about it.

Am I passionate about the people in my life? Are they a priority in my day to day? Can I be better?

How am I helping the environment? Do I pick up litter when I see it? Can I care more?

What can I do today that will make a difference to everyone around me? Is it smiling more? Replacing the word “tolerance” with “acceptance”.

About spirituality, not religion. Yea.

It’s about never again asking myself, “Where did my day/week/year go?”

Can I raise the bar of my average day so that I have more fantastic days more frequently, like every day? I want to look back and feel like I conquered each day, not wasted them. I want to live passionately. To do more of the things I love and love the in-between. Love the daily. My life is in the daily. Why am I not more excited about it? I should be, it’s where I spend most of my days! It’s about making the daily stuff — the cleaning and the carpooling and the, well, daily — exciting. Yes, exciting or at the very least admiring it! It’s about having a mind reset and feeling energized with that stuff and not drained by it. Because life is extraordinary, and I keep waiting to be marveled by it instead of realizing that it is waiting for me to feel it right now. It’s more about making just a few minor tweaks for the purpose of living effectively than it is about making a big giant unsustainable lifestyle change. About surrounding oneself with simple things that bring joy and delighting in them. It’s so easy to love the high’s and the vacations and the great, but I’m talking about feeling that way about every day. On the “happy scale” can my high become my new normal? I think it can. Will it eliminate the low’s all together, of course not. Let’s not be too idealistic, now. ;) But why not strive to live at the peak of one’s happiness each day?

Be happier. Live with intention. Yes.

Well Internet, I’ve sure missed you. I maintain that the players in one’s life are one, if not, THE most important thing in life, so if you’re still around I’m grateful that you’ve stuck with me thus far — you don’t play a minor role here. Now, shall we get back to it? :)

Enough about me what about you, what excites you about your life? No, I really want to know. Is it new running shoes? New business ventures? Planning parties? Shoot me a quick message, I’m eager to hear about it!

Cheers, friends! XO



  1. Sonia says

    I love creating things with my hands. Crafting, Backing making decorations for the babies parties. It makes me feel alive!

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