The adventures of pet portraiture.

The light bled through our windows, it bounced and danced and begged to be used. So I picked up my camera and walked over to it. The dog followed, seeing the look in my eye she sat in the perfect spot clearly saying, Take my photo like your French girls. So I clicked the settings a bit and put the camera up. Nevermind, she said and started to walk away. Oh no, I said. I will take your photo like my French girls, now SIT DOWN! She obeyed reluctantly, and decided to look everywhere else but at me. I tutted and kissed and bribed and look jazz hands! But nothing. Just when I was about to give up… Outside, I said. She looked at me like really? I love outside! Yes! Outside! Bologna? Pork chop? Milky Way! YES TO ALL! Her ears seemed to say. And that is how I mastered my dog. Dogs really aren’t different from men, are they?

f/1.8 1/60 ISO 200

Then Cleo came strolling in. Cleo, dinner! She scoffed at me, walked UNDERNEATH the coffee table and laid down, so much superior than pffft, dinner. Clearly, I’d have to work harder and come up with something more superior than pffft, dinner. So I pulled off the hair tie from my wrist. Her eyes widened and she perked ready to pounce. I gave her an affectionate pet and she plopped just OUTSIDE of where I needed her. Here, she purred. No here, I tugged. She stood up, looked right at me walked back and sat down. Here, she stopped purring. *Pet pet pet* Cute little delicious kitty, the light looks so much better on you here. Yes, so lovely! Now smize, smize!! Oh honey, Tyra ain’t got nothin’ on me. Let me show you. *Strut strut strut, plop* And bam, just where I wanted her.

f/1.8 1/100 ISO 200

Sadie jumped off the couch, my turn. Cleo hid under the couch clearly upset that I would oblige to such demands. But oblige I did. Just as Sadie was getting comfortable and smizing in ways I’ve never been a witness to, Cleo (that jealous wench) pounced on Sadie so fast. Cleo! What? I wasn’t going to hurt her, I was only trying to fix her boojie looking weave. Nanna ran in, A fight?? I love fights! What should I lick? Lawn Mower!!! I really didn’t want to, and I tried my best to avoid it and reason with them, but I had to kick them off the set. Sadie sat, determined to be the professional, but her insecurities and nerves had been aroused. I just got this weave in yesterday, I look fabulous right? She pounded her meds. Totes gorge, girl.

f/1.8 1/125 ISO 200

And this what I have to deal with to get my pets to pose for me. Bunch of Prima donnas.

P.S. Doesn’t Sadie have the most beautiful green eyes? Cheers, friends!

(All photos taken with the 50mm 1.8 on a 40D.)

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