The grey, the beautiful.

Our vacation album has sat and has (figuratively) collected dust for months.  It has glared at me, dared me to click, to scan, to remember. And I ignored it for a long time. Its patience has finally paid off; today I opened it, I scanned, I edited and I noticed something… I took 960 photos.  In 17 days.  That’s about 56 photos on average a day.  Some days I didn’t take any.  But the most alarming thing was that when I went through the photos, I don’t remember taking most of them. Like I’m looking through someone else’s memory book.

In that album I see happy. I see beautiful smiles. Frame-able photos that are beautiful and moments that are worth remembering.

Moments of freezing cold…

… but of wonder just the same.

Moments of bewilderment, of catching up with old friends and meeting new ones…

Of laughter, and touching moments, and longing.

Moments of bringing the magic back…

…even when I was barely there and split in two.

And when we felt the heaviness of our upside down world…

… we indulged and pushed against it.

We visited loved ones that have passed and wished for one more kiss.

A world that is grey can still be deceivingly beautiful.

Cheers friends! I’ve missed you.


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